Introduction to PGP Part 1: How PGP can ensure E-mail privacy

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It has been said that you should not put anything in an e-mail which you would not put on a postcard. That was said some time ago. Now, knowing that the NSA has been snooping on e-mails, with governments pushing for stricter data retention laws and law enforcement agitating for increased powers to monitor your […]

Nationalist Alternative in Action: Episode 3

On November 4, 2012, in Activism, by mkennedy

By Michael Kennedy, In the third part, we will go over one more debate I took part in, in the comments section of yet another video, which claimed to demonstrate that anti-racism isn’t anti-white. As expected, there was nothing of substance. Click here to view the video. Another ‘debunking’ of the mantra. 8bitnecromancer writes […]

Nationalist Alternative in Action: Episode 2

On October 31, 2012, in Activism, by mkennedy

by Michael Kennedy We continue with our blow by blow online debate. Here we present another YouTube debate, which carries on very similar to the first. The second YouTube ‘debunking’ was titled “Anti-racist=anti-white”=Anti-reality “ You can view it here We start with MrOutstep33 who writes But do you understand whatpeople are saying about anti-racist […]

Nationalist Alternative in Action: Episode 1

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by Michael Kennedy A message is useless unless one does something with it. The Mantra, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” is becoming a more frequently used argument, and anti-whites becoming more and more, lets say, fed up with it. A number of videos are appearing on YouTube claiming to ‘debunk’ the mantra. A […]

Nationalist Alternative and the anti Islamofascist rally.

On September 24, 2012, in Activism, by josborne

A report of the days events by Jim Osborne: Members of Nationalist Alternative attended an impromptu protest at the Victorian State Library lawns to voice opposition to the Muslim backlash at the film the “Innocence of Muslims”. Fearing a repeat of Sydney’s violence and display or cultural aggression against Australia, patriots, nationalists and atheists, as […]

The Reconquista Rally, Melbourne 2012, and Maintaining the Anti-Zionist Line

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 by Jamie Scanlan Today I attended a rally against religious extremism and Islamist intolerance of freedom speech on the steps of the State Library in Victoria. Traditionally, an event called the Speaker’s Forum has been held there, which has performed the function of a soapbox venue, like Hyde Park in London, in which anyone can […]

The necessity of positive activism and supporting the Sea Shepherd

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By Vivian Roberts A core aim of Nationalist Alternative is to safeguard the heritage and identity of the Australian people and culture within the biodiversity of the entire planet. Our appreciation of diverse life must extend beyond the human species and hence includes the various flora and fauna of this vast continent and nearby oceans. […]

Strategies and Tactics for Dealing with the Australian Public

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Strategies and Tactics for Dealing with the Australian Public By John Harper Pillar One of Nationalist Alternative – “The struggle for the street” “Extra parliamentary action, grass-roots community work that engenders a positive image, local issues, working ‘outside’ the liberal democratic state.”– Manifesto 2 We are finding a large interest for real change in this […]

How to Prepare an Activist Banner – Hints for Activists

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Homemade banners are simply another medium for placing information in front of the public or target audience and one that the Politically Correct system can do little to regulate. They have the potential to reach a wide audience with minimal financial costs, the above banner reached thousands of early morning commuters on a Melbourne roadway […]

Can’t get a lease on an inner city place?

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By Carla O’Hara and Brian Hudson The Sydney branch of Nationalist Alternative is currently engaging in a campaign to reach out to help young Australians in the dire predicament of finding and securing a lease on inner city accommodation. A rental crisis is not just looming its occurring right now and many Aussies are increasingly […]