NatAlt Strategy: Staying on a clear, direct message.

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by Michael Kennedy Anti racist is a code word for anti-white. The importance of a clear message The most effective propaganda is simple propaganda. An activist must compete with a thousand voices in the media for the scant attention of people, and it takes a considerable quantity effort to get anything more than a simple […]

The Neofascist Method: the EDL, Breivik and ‘Double Legality’

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by Donald Winters ‘We have to put bodies on the street, writing letters to the Times does not work…‘ – EDL member, quoted in The Guardian, ‘English Defence League: new wave of extremists plotting summer of unrest‘, 28/05/2010) ‘I have on some occasions had discussions with SIOE [Stop the Islamisation of Europe! group] and EDL […]

BREAKING THE BUNDESREPUBLIK: The BNP, Populism and the Denazification Strategy

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by Adam Walters February 27, 2010 [Editor’s note: This article by a guest writer is the first of a ‘foreign’ series that will step outside the Australian nationalist scene to investigate, review, analyse and remark on struggles elsewhere in the world. What those activists in the region the article comments on do with any suggestions […]