Individualism Vs Selflessness in the Nationalist movement

On February 26, 2016, in Commentary, by natalt

By Ronald Milton This article shall discuss the various aspects of why there are often so many clashes between people on a personal level and why it is crucial to be more cautious when finding people who are of good quality to be involved with your political organisation. Firstly let us provide definitions on what […]

Who is responsible for White Genocide?

On November 21, 2015, in Commentary, by natalt

Greg Johnson of Counter Currents publishing has penned an article titled “White Genocide” which questions whether people who aren’t aware that mass immigration and assimilation could lead to Whites being assimilated out can be held responsible.  Greg takes the view that it is likely there are people who are aware of the consequences, and therefore should […]

Whose debt are we in?

On June 17, 2014, in Uncategorized, by mkennedy

Editors note:This article is a guest submission. Jay Nicolevski The Government’s decision to raise the retirement age to seventy was as predictable as it is irrational. And yet it had no choice, we are supposed to believe, given demographic trends towards an increasingly elderly population, the national debt, etc., etc. Brushing aside a straw man […]

Golden Dawn/Australia First Rally ambushed by union thugs

On May 5, 2014, in Commentary, by mkennedy

The Nationalist Alternative Committee Introduction Nationalist Alternative look at the violence against demonstrators at the Greek Consul General in Brisbane on the 2nd of May. Union members, at the behest of left wing extremists engaged in criminal activity in the form of an unprovoked attack against activists demonstrating legally. We call upon those who are […]

“Prejudice Research” and the Anti-White Brigade

On January 26, 2013, in Commentary, by mkennedy

by Michael Kennedy   An article which was printed in New Scientist, published on the 15th of December 2012 was brought to my attention. The article, which appears in the opinion section, written by Gordon Hodson and Kimberly Costello draws a long bow, and hypothesizes that racial prejudice may be links to how people feel […]

“No time to wait” – The western fertility crisis

On May 15, 2012, in Analysis, Commentary, by admin

by Carla O’Hara One in six couples in the west is said to have trouble conceiving. That’s a pretty staggering figure, considering that there’s probably someone you know who has received some form of fertility treatment. But what does this mean for the average Australian who many want to have children in the future? Nationalist […]

Joe Hockey’s hack at welfare

On April 24, 2012, in Commentary, by admin

By Jim Osborne. Joe Hockey has called for an end to the age of entitlements in Australia recently on the Lateline television show.  He was on Lateline discussing a speech he gave in London, where he both boasted about Australia’s financial position and simultaneously spoke of the need for Australia to “compete” with our geographic […]

How to train your anti-racist

On April 21, 2012, in Commentary, by mkennedy

by Jim Osborne.   Meet poor Bill. Bill came to earth from a far flung planet to study our weird ways, learn about human culture and the way we develop our civilization. Wondering which part of humanity to surreptitiously insert himself into, Bill choose an Anglophone country, as that was the language used in most […]

Liberal Democracy – Is it really democratic?

On April 30, 2010, in Articles, Commentary, Uncategorized, by admin

By Aldred Wulfric Our ‘governments’ have abdicated real sovereignty to universal global institutions and govern us in a top down manner presiding over alienated atomised citizens in a geographical zone rather then a harmonious people in a nation/tribe. Liberal Democracy, with its accompanying economic system of unfettered free market fundamentalism is the form of government […]

Celebrity Child-Pets

On June 1, 2009, in Commentary, by admin

by Carla O’Hara The traditional family unit, now considered clichéd is 2.1 children, a house (with over-inflated mortgage), quarter acre block, a dog, a cat, and everything else that encompassed ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’. This passé stereotype has forced the celebrity class to distinguish themselves and their wealth from the rest of us. Celebrities […]