Attack of the Communist Zombies!

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By Victor Simpson This article will look at the experiences of an Australian Nationalist who participated at the Reclaim Australia Rally on April 5th as well as the Anti-Communist Rally in Richmond on May 31st held by the UPF (United Patriots Front). In one word you would certainly have to say that the behaviour of […]

National-Anarchism, a Left-Wing Infantile Disorder

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An independent guest contribution by Fredrik Filip Larsson 1. Introduction This article was prompted by a recent amusing post on You Tube at: , entitled ‘South Troythgate National-Anarchist Manifesto Burning’. The poster, SilentSRI, gives a fairly accurate summary of National-Anarchist positions. Ordinarily I wouldn’t pay much attention to these sorts of things, but, on […]

Trotskyism: a degenerated workers’ party

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by Erin Bertuch 1. Introduction: Trotskyism – a personal reaction If you linger long enough in radical Australian politics, of either Far Right or Far Left, you will, sooner or later, come up against Trotskyite communist Left. The Trotskyite section of the Australian communist movement survived, in the way that a cockroach survives an atomic explosion, […]

The Neofascist Method: the EDL, Breivik and ‘Double Legality’

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by Donald Winters ‘We have to put bodies on the street, writing letters to the Times does not work…‘ – EDL member, quoted in The Guardian, ‘English Defence League: new wave of extremists plotting summer of unrest‘, 28/05/2010) ‘I have on some occasions had discussions with SIOE [Stop the Islamisation of Europe! group] and EDL […]

Can ‘Big Man’ Politics Survive the Twenty-first Century?

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by Matthew Neville 1.         Political birthdays and the alternative to liberal democracy Recently, an AFP report appeared: BUDAPEST (AFP)—A Hungarian online news channel backed by the extreme-right parliamentary party Jobbik paid tribute to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on his birthday, online observers reported. The 30-second report, which originally aired on Wednesday evening on Hitler’s 122nd […]

Nationalist Alternative Manifesto 1

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This is the program of Nationalist Alternative, an Australian nationalist organisation which is primarily an activist movement, but constituted like a political party. Nationalist Alternative aims at finding, and developing, an alternative to the excesses, social unrest, greed, despair and arrogance of liberal democracy and universalism. The primary aim of Nationalist Alternative is to reaffirm […]