Dialectics of the Gringo

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by David Ellerton (In this essay, I shall be looking at the phenomenon of political correctness and cultural-Marxism, and one possible intellectual response to it, from the work of a French philosopher, Gilles Deleuze. The issues involved can be potentially too abstract for some, so I shall resolve to bring them down to earth – […]

Nietzsche and the Revenge of the Non-Whites

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by David Ellerton Philosophy and politics don’t usually mix. But sometimes philosophy can shed light, in an interesting way, on political problems. The philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, I believe, can be applied to one serious political problem afflicting the West today: I am speaking of the desire, of millions of non-white immigrants to the West, […]

National Veganism, Paganism and Environmentalism

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by David Ellerton In the year 2010, we saw another farcical election in Australia. The two major parties were so boring, and so out of touch with the public’s feelings, that neither of them could secure a majority. The parties were out of touch, especially on the immigration issue. The Howard and Rudd governments, in […]

Nat-Alt Radio Broadcast (Episode 3) – A Warning from Britain to Australia

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By David Ellerton In this broadcast David Ellerton speaks about what has been happening in Britain, and how Britain, which has close cultural ties with Australia, serves as a warning to Australia as to where left wing politics will lead. David Ellerton will explain how New Marxism (Neo Communism) and political correctness has been destroying  […]

Nat-Alt Radio Broadcast (Episode 2) – Australia’s Decline

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By David Ellerton This is the second episode of Nat-Alt Radio which is done by a new speaker named David Ellerton. In this particular speech he will discuss; immigration, the break down of the family unit and green taxes. There will be a number of other interesting speeches on a broad range of topics in […]