Islamists Gone Wild: ‘The Innocence of Muslims’, the Jewish lobby and QE3

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by Jayden Drury [editors note:  Nationalist Alternative are presenting two articles from two of our regular contributors, who each have a unique analysis of the recent Muslim rioting  in Sydney and around the world.] Fouad Ajami asks ‘Why is the Arab world so easily offended?’ (The Washington Post, 14/09/12). It’s a legitimate question to ask. […]


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by David Ellerton Since the Arab Spring began, in late 2010, we have seen a flood of commentary from nationalists in the West – commentary not in support of the protestors, but against. This has reached a crescendo with the rebellion in Libya, and subsequent overthrow and murder of Ghaddafi, and the recent violence in […]

Privacy Alert: Governments plan to monitor Australians on the Internet

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By Jim Osborne If you were in the 1970’s, and told people that in the not too distant future, that in any major commercial area and in the CBD, everyone would be recorded on video and monitored, they might have thought you to be a conspiracy nut. If today, you said that the government would […]

Nat Alt Booklist – Recommended Reading

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Below is a list of recommended books. Thought provoking, controversial, historic, moving and informative. Any one of following works are not listed in any order of importance nor do they represent in absolute the view of Nationalist Alternative instead we draw on large or small elements of each in synthesizing our world view. We simply […]

Liberal Democracy – Is it really democratic?

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By Aldred Wulfric Our ‘governments’ have abdicated real sovereignty to universal global institutions and govern us in a top down manner presiding over alienated atomised citizens in a geographical zone rather then a harmonious people in a nation/tribe. Liberal Democracy, with its accompanying economic system of unfettered free market fundamentalism is the form of government […]