Reflections on Violence, 2012: Crazy Gunmen, Anti-Depressants and the American Ideology

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by John J. Villarreal This week has seen a lot of news coverage of ‘crazy gunmen’: the openings of the trials of James Holmes (the Colorado cinema murderer) and Jared Loughner (a Jewish-American who shot a Jewish-American congresswoman, and killed some others), and the rampage of Wade Michael Page in Wisconsin.  Not that much information […]

Animal Cruelty and Kosher/Halal slaughter

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by Ryan Walsh   Nationalist Alternative condemns the exemption to pre-stunning slaughter methods extended on religious grounds to Kosher and Halal as a further example of multiculturalism in action. We have previously published an article on live export and our support for pre slaughter stunning Australia wide in an effort to improve animal welfare. On […]

Why I am not a National Socialist: or, do we need ‘Neo-Nazism’ any more?

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An independant article by contributor by Wade Chambers 1. Introduction: A Fantasy Scenario  Would anyone vote for Hitler, were he alive today? Let us perform a thought-experiment: suppose that, by a miracle, Hitler and the NSDAP were around today, in the year 2012. Despite the NSDAP’s chequered history (the mass gassing of 8 million Jews, […]

Nationalist Cities of the Future and the A-A-A plan

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By Peter Middleton Pope Benedict XVI recently called for more ‘silence’ and ‘reflection’ in today’s world: Pope Benedict is asking people to stop amid the noise and haste and listen to the sounds of silence in life. Benedict dedicated the theme of his message for the Catholic Church’s World Day of Communication to the relationship […]

The necessity of positive activism and supporting the Sea Shepherd

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By Vivian Roberts A core aim of Nationalist Alternative is to safeguard the heritage and identity of the Australian people and culture within the biodiversity of the entire planet. Our appreciation of diverse life must extend beyond the human species and hence includes the various flora and fauna of this vast continent and nearby oceans. […]

The Nuclear Debate Reignited

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by Michael Kennedy The nuclear debate has arisen once more, not that it ever left. With the continuing tragedy in Japan from the earthquake and subsequent tsunami, focus has been on the nuclear power plants damaged by the Earth’s rumblings. The Fukishima plant has had three explosions since the quake less than a week ago […]

Nat Alt Booklist – Recommended Reading

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Below is a list of recommended books. Thought provoking, controversial, historic, moving and informative. Any one of following works are not listed in any order of importance nor do they represent in absolute the view of Nationalist Alternative instead we draw on large or small elements of each in synthesizing our world view. We simply […]

National Veganism, Paganism and Environmentalism

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by David Ellerton In the year 2010, we saw another farcical election in Australia. The two major parties were so boring, and so out of touch with the public’s feelings, that neither of them could secure a majority. The parties were out of touch, especially on the immigration issue. The Howard and Rudd governments, in […]