Why I am not a White Nationalist

On June 14, 2013, in Analysis, Commentary, by natalt

by Timothy Wentworth I have been asked by readers of the Nationalist Alternative site, NatAlt.Org, to elaborate on the ideas in my previous article, Rise Up, Southern Man – and Earn the Hatred of Our Enemies. Here I will do so, at the risk of repeating some themes. We know that America has dominated Europe […]

Rise Up, Southern Man – And Earn the Hatred of Our Enemies

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by Timothy Wentworth The recent US elections have really shaken up the American Far Right: what we’re seeing here is a paradigm shift. The consensus is (from Steve Sailer, Kevin MacDonald, John Derbyshire, VDare, Occidental Dissent, American Renaissance and others) that the white voters, primarily in the northern and eastern states, did Romney and the […]

Auctioning a Nation

On September 20, 2012, in Commentary, by josborne

by Jim Osborne Australia is heading towards being a jewel in the plutocrats empire. Our land, rich in earthly resources, the common-wealth of the Australian nation is becoming more and more a possession of the capitalist few, than one of the Australian people. This is driven by the desire of wealthy magnates in seizing further […]

NatAlt Strategy: Staying on a clear, direct message.

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by Michael Kennedy Anti racist is a code word for anti-white. The importance of a clear message The most effective propaganda is simple propaganda. An activist must compete with a thousand voices in the media for the scant attention of people, and it takes a considerable quantity effort to get anything more than a simple […]

Trotskyism: a degenerated workers’ party

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by Erin Bertuch 1. Introduction: Trotskyism – a personal reaction If you linger long enough in radical Australian politics, of either Far Right or Far Left, you will, sooner or later, come up against Trotskyite communist Left. The Trotskyite section of the Australian communist movement survived, in the way that a cockroach survives an atomic explosion, […]

Joe Hockey’s hack at welfare

On April 24, 2012, in Commentary, by admin

By Jim Osborne. Joe Hockey has called for an end to the age of entitlements in Australia recently on the Lateline television show.  He was on Lateline discussing a speech he gave in London, where he both boasted about Australia’s financial position and simultaneously spoke of the need for Australia to “compete” with our geographic […]

Why I am not a National Socialist: or, do we need ‘Neo-Nazism’ any more?

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An independant article by contributor by Wade Chambers 1. Introduction: A Fantasy Scenario  Would anyone vote for Hitler, were he alive today? Let us perform a thought-experiment: suppose that, by a miracle, Hitler and the NSDAP were around today, in the year 2012. Despite the NSDAP’s chequered history (the mass gassing of 8 million Jews, […]

Constitutional Change: Liberalism, Liebler’s List and the coming Police State

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By Michael Kennedy and Ryan Walsh The freedom of Australians to speak freely, particularly those of European/white heritage (the founders, builders, the people who comprised 98% of those who fought and died in two world wars, creators of the country that is so appealing it attracted thousands of migrants and currently still the majority demographic […]

The necessity of positive activism and supporting the Sea Shepherd

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By Vivian Roberts A core aim of Nationalist Alternative is to safeguard the heritage and identity of the Australian people and culture within the biodiversity of the entire planet. Our appreciation of diverse life must extend beyond the human species and hence includes the various flora and fauna of this vast continent and nearby oceans. […]

The angry, suppressed voice of Britain.

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By Jim Osborne   Recently in England, a lady on public transport did something that according to our intellectual superiors, no mentally stable, sane person should ever do. What she did was sick, sick enough to warrant YouTube videos from disgusted citizenry, complete with the standard leftist affectations and ‘hand to the forehead’ gestures that […]