2020 USA Election: Trump, Biden and the Z.O.G

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by Martin Shepherd With the 2020 U.S election approaching, it may be a case of choosing the lesser of the two evils. Donald Trump, despite being essentially Zionist, is less likely than Joe Biden to wreak havoc on America and the world. Voting Trump is safer for Nationalists The upcoming election has caused much dissatisfaction […]

Nationalist Unity

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By Brian O’Neil During my time in the nationalist movement I have seen and heard about group after group sprouting up and then falling apart or splintering into different groups. This constant infighting will in time kill us with the certainty of a bullet to the skull. Our inability to work together will be our […]

Official Facebook page and warning to activists

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by the Nationalist Alternative Committee It has been brought to our attention that unfortunately the Facebook page and group which many of our supporters have been using, is now unfortunately administered (hijacked) by non members.  Nationalist Alternative will NOT be using these groups for any purpose with the exception of redirecting supporters and members to the […]

Interview with “The White Voice”

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Nationalist Alternative had one of it’s members, Max Trentham do an interview with “The White Voice” web radio program.  In the interview Max discusses Nationalist Alternative, the racial issues affecting Australia, the past White Australia policy, political correctness, Aborigines, the political system in Australia and various other topics. Here’s the link to the interview by […]

Nationalist Alternative and the anti Islamofascist rally.

On September 24, 2012, in Activism, by josborne

A report of the days events by Jim Osborne: Members of Nationalist Alternative attended an impromptu protest at the Victorian State Library lawns to voice opposition to the Muslim backlash at the film the “Innocence of Muslims”. Fearing a repeat of Sydney’s violence and display or cultural aggression against Australia, patriots, nationalists and atheists, as […]

The Reconquista Rally, Melbourne 2012, and Maintaining the Anti-Zionist Line

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 by Jamie Scanlan Today I attended a rally against religious extremism and Islamist intolerance of freedom speech on the steps of the State Library in Victoria. Traditionally, an event called the Speaker’s Forum has been held there, which has performed the function of a soapbox venue, like Hyde Park in London, in which anyone can […]

National-Anarchism, a Left-Wing Infantile Disorder

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An independent guest contribution by Fredrik Filip Larsson 1. Introduction This article was prompted by a recent amusing post on You Tube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV8ps0OOJNk&feature=youtube_gdata_player , entitled ‘South Troythgate National-Anarchist Manifesto Burning’. The poster, SilentSRI, gives a fairly accurate summary of National-Anarchist positions. Ordinarily I wouldn’t pay much attention to these sorts of things, but, on […]

The Theology of Political Correctness: The unwritten code.

On April 8, 2012, in Analysis, by mkennedy

by Michael Kennedy In part three of the “Theology of Political Correctness”, we will look at the unwritten code that is characteristic of many religious belief systems. Political Correctness is not just a moral code, it’s a religion and a politically active religion at that, as most powerful established religions inevitable end up becoming. In […]

Constitutional Change: Liberalism, Liebler’s List and the coming Police State

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By Michael Kennedy and Ryan Walsh The freedom of Australians to speak freely, particularly those of European/white heritage (the founders, builders, the people who comprised 98% of those who fought and died in two world wars, creators of the country that is so appealing it attracted thousands of migrants and currently still the majority demographic […]

Overpaid, and loving it.

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By Michael Kennedy The world is stagnating after the Global Financial Crisis of 2008.  The cowboy bandits of Wall Street, the architects of the GFC, perhaps the only accomplishment outside of growing their own portfolio, got off basically scott free.  Many are expecting Global Financial Crisis Mark II.  As every cloud comes with a proverbial […]