Nation: a distinct body of people united by common descent, ancestry, ethnicity and history as well as secondary characteristics like culture, spirituality and language.

Nations are naturally occurring, as we are born into our respective families, ethnicities and race. This forms the basis of our identity and is an essential quality inherent to all humans.

Nations are the foundation stone of the rich diversity found in the human species.


Nations reflect nature itself and are a basic human condition, hence they pre exist later inventions or socially constructed artificial concepts like ‘ideology’ and governments (whose sole role should be to serve its nation).

Nationalism is simply the recognition of the primary fundamental natural rights all peoples have the right to:

• to existence (life)

• to self determination/independence (liberty)

• a sovereign homeland and to

• maintain their identity.

To oppose Nationalism is to oppose humanity and what makes us who we are, regardless of what identity may be thrust upon us. Nationalism stands for a diverse world, of difference over sameness. It is the antithesis of ideologies that are inherently imperialist, universalist and supremacist, that seek mastery and control over others and to impose one dogma (one truth) across all humanity. The outcome of this is a bland, boring, totalitarian, coercive world in which everyone is the same culture, the same race, the same religion, language and political and economic system. A blended assimilated grey mass of mere consumers of corporate goods for whom difference is only Nike or Adidas, where people are stripped of their culture and identity in all but the most superficial terms.

Existence: All nations and races of the world have the right to continued existence and to live and survive without having to justify that existence to anyone. It is this inalienable right from which all other national rights spring from.

Self Determination/Independence/Liberty: This is the right of all peoples to self govern (government for the people and by the people). To arrange and structure their society according to their own principles, morals and values free from outside interference, pressure or harassment. This right necessitates, firstly, zero slavery or supremacy, that no race should be a slave or servant to another or dominate/have mastery over another and, secondly, that a people have the right to remain the numerical majority in their homeland and free from population policy which may risk their future as an identifiable peoples. Self determination cannot exist if a nation is not free or is unable to control their own destiny via methods such as elections because they are demographically dispossessed (outnumbered, outvoted) in their own homeland by large-scale influx of other peoples.

Sovereign Homeland: A distinct land in a defined territory with secure borders in which a people can live and have complete undisputed control of their own affairs without unwanted occupation, domination or interference.

Maintain their identity: Identity = Latin word ‘idem’ or ‘identitas’ meaning the ‘quality of being identical’. It is a set of characteristics shared by members of a nation that also differentiate one nation from another. A people has the right to ensure that its nation’s distinct identity, first grounded in a shared ethnicity, can be preserved. Any attempts, whether direct and immediate (outright killing) or indirect and gradual including but not limited to policies, plans or conditions of life , that result, in whole or in part, in assimilating, blending out, demographically displacing (outnumber) a race of people is genocide and destruction of identity. 

What is Nationalism?

The above links to an A4 flyer in PDF format, titled “What is Nationalism” which briefly details that nationalist philosophy which drives the movement and  We encourage people to distribute this to those who have questions about nationalism, or misconceptions about what it is really about.


4 Responses to What is Nationalism?

  1. Chazz Wozza says:

    Hi guys. Using an obvious throwaway email address.

    I feel it’s only natural to seek some policies from alternative parties in this current political climate.

    I’m not interested in waving flags or shouting at socialists. I live in Bendigo and I seek some people to share some similar ideas about the future of this great town.

    Anyway, we should keep in touch.


    Mr C Woz

  2. Sans says:

    I agree with a lot of whats said on here, especially how multiculturalism was a construct by multinationals to ensure that labour costs could be kept low in western countries but I would counsel anyone on the correct side of the political fence (incl the alternative right) to make it very clear that Jews are kept inside our tent. Not liable or blamed for conspiracies, but engaged with (especially the right leaning groups) and brought alongside us in this revolution against loony lefties and political correct BS. They have a lot to offer in the new political landscape.

  3. admin says:

    Sans, you will find that Jews tend towards Leftist politics, in particular in Western countries. Opposition to Islam is seen, but this is more out of self interest, and limited solely to stopping Islamic fundamentalism.

    While it is seen as a noble sentiment among the alt-Right to try to make some visible outreach towards Jewish communities, ultimately experience shows that when it comes to protecting our racial self interest (as opposed to generic modern values), we’re alone in that regard.

    It is one thing to oppose Political Correctness (which we do), but ultimately, we’re Nationalists and as such, we seek our nations, for our culture and our people.

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